Asphalt Additive Duroflex-Super® (made in Germany)

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Scope of application:
Duroflex® improver is a carefully designed additive to increase load carrying capacity of different

kinds of asphalts and their resistance to formation of ruts.

Standard concentration of Duroflex® is depend on the asphalt layer, the required load capacity from the road, grade and percentage of bitumen and the complete asphalt composition. It’s in a range from 0.2 Mass % ... < 0.6 Mass % by weight of all asphalt mix components.

Preferred fields of application are all kinds of hot asphalts: Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), asphalts for binding layers and all kinds of Asphalt Concretes (AC, AK, Superpave).

Duroflex® is especially designed for roads and highways under medium and cold climate conditions.
Duroflex® is perfect for roads with high load capacity where it unfolds his superb protection at changing temperature during all times in the year..

The optimal mixing time and temperature depends on the asphalt composition and the asphalt mixer itself. It varies depending on the individual conditions of the asphalt mixing facility. Before production begins this has to be taken into consideration.

All variants of Duroflex®-additives are produced according to the high standard of “Certified Quality Management” for ATI, Asphalt Technology International Holding GmbH, Germany.

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015
Please store the Duroflex® in a dry place and protect the package against sunlight!

The specifications in this product information conform to our current state of technical know-how and experience. This information is only a general guideline and because of the variety of possible influences during processing and use of our products, they do not exempt the user from his duty to conduct own checks und tests regarding the suitability of the products. The legally binding confirmation of certain properties or the qualification for a certain purpose cannot be derived.