Asphalt Additive Duroflex® - Eco

Since 2017, we have included a further development of Duroflex®, which has been tried and tested for years, and will be made available to the customer from now on. Duroflex® - Eco, which was called the working title Duroflex® - Super 140 during the development phase, allows the temperature of the asphalt mixing process to be converted 10 ° C ... .20 ° C during the production of mastic asphalt (SMA).

The use of soft and economical bitumen grade 50 or grade 70 is possible. As a result, the much more expensive polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) can be substituted.

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The reduction of the temperature of the asphalt mixing process is not only cost effective because of the associated energy saving, but it is also a contribution to reducing the climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

By reducing the grain size of the Duroflex® - Eco granulate, even more precise dosing is possible. The application and the technological parameters of the asphalt generation are similar to the other Duroflex® variants.

Duroflex® - Eco granulates are delivered in big bags per 1,000 kg.

duroflex eco pic 1
duroflex eco pic

That goes for our proven standard asphalt additive, Duroflex®-Eco, too. Improvement was made possible by the fact that all the ingredients that go into Duroflex ®-Eco have a different and an especially function. This means that they are evenly distributed in the asphalt, ensuring full effectiveness.


The new Duroflex ®-Eco, comes in granulate with a diameter from 4 mm, allowing them to be processed faster and more accurately by all commercially available dosing plants and dosing technologies. New Duroflex ®-Eco makes possible to reduce the asphalt mixing temperature, especially from SMA under use from a bitumen grade 50 or grade 70, down to 150 °C ….160 °C. Thanks Duroflex ®-Eco it’s possible to reduce the energy need, expenses and CO2- emission.

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The main components and use of the Duroflex®-Eco products is similar to those of Standard -Duroflex® products.