Bitumen additive WAPHALT®-50 and WAPHALT®-70 Basic Introductions for Use


Scope of application:

The bitumen additive WAPHALT®-50 and WAPHALT®-70 is a special mixture from polymers, elastomers and wax. The elastomer component is based on recycling rubber, and the difference between both kinds of additives is the percentage from the elastomer component

In the WAPHALT®-50 additive is the elastomer component 50% from the complete additive mixture and in the additive variant WAPHALT®-70 is it 70%. The wax component reduce the viscosity from the modified bitumen and make it easier to compact the hot asphalt during the rolling process road construction site.

The modification from the bitumen with the WAPHALT® additives is equivalent the mixing process from bitumen with rubber powder. This means the mixing time, mixing temperature and storage conditions. The temperature during modification from bitumen with the WAPHALT® additives shall be in a range from 180°C ...200°C.

Depend on the temperature and the rotation speed or pump process from the hot bitumen is the usual mixing time in a range from 30 min .... 120 min. The optimal technological parameters must check and optimize depend on the install equipment and parameters before the WAPHALT® additives will use first.

Important note:

The wax component in the WAPHALT® additives reduce the sedimentation from the insoluble components during storage and transport from the modified bitumen.

WAPHALT- modified bitumen must stir during transport and hot storage analogous rubber modified bitumen.

WAPHALT® improvers will used to increase the attributes from bitumen all grades especially the melting range, elasticity and durability, needle penetration, softening point, breaking point and other standard concentration of WAPHALT® additives are depend on the attributes (grade) from the basic bitumen and and the required attributes from the bitumen which will modify with it.

I’ts in a range from 3% ...15% in relation to the bitumen.

Preferred fields of application are all kinds of bitumen and to substitute SBS, EPDM, SBS or mixtures from it. The WAPHALt® - modified bitumen can be used for the production from high grade asphalts and bitumen based applications for construction materials like roofing materials, sealing materials a.o..